Sky-Frame - insights thanks to integration strategy


Sky-Frame is an international leader in the field of frameless sliding window systems. Several thousand properties have already been realised with Sky-Frame on almost every continent. The development and production site is located in Frauenfeld.


The customer's goal was to connect all processes with a CRM. What was desired was a stable backend and a frontend that corresponded to the internal processes and was attractive to use. The goal was for the approximately 100 sales partners to have an efficient tool at their disposal to be able to work on the global market.  


The decision was made in favor of HubSpot because the frontend design was convincing and it offers attractive options for marketing automation and integration. This solution therefore best suits Sky-Frame's needs. This means that each partner has access to their own contacts, construction objects and projects and can edit them, create new ones and set connections at any time.

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Joel Ruh

Head of Digital Transformation and ICT Sky-Frame

With Chili Digital AG we have a trustworthy partner at our side who keeps his word. Together we completed a challenging project with many stumbling blocks.