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Microsoft's cloud-based solution offers a range of features that help improve communication and collaboration. Roger365 enables seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and provides a wide range of automation features, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Customer experience with Microsoft Teams

Optimize your digital workplace! Use Microsoft Teams as a platform and make it the central communication hub in your company.

Whether you use Roger365 as a contact center or for seamless integration with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, webchat, bots, etc., it will increase customer engagement and make your work much more efficient.

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    Attractive Contact Center Solution
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    Social Messaging & Chat from Microsoft Teams
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MS Teams as
Omni-Channel Solution
with CRM Integration

With Roger365, you create a hub for customer engagement throughout your entire company through the seamless integration of Teams calls and social communication channels. Teams serves as your omnichannel contact center communication client, tailored for your business needs.

Our Solution 2

Contact Center

Microsoft Teams Calling supports customer interaction through voice functions. For companies looking to integrate tools and workflows to drive the customer journey, the Roger365 Contact Center is a great addition to their workflow. It adds features like agent calls, supervisor capabilities, and reports, all seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams.

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Social Messaging & Chat in Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams as a platform and make it the central communication hub in your company by seamlessly integrating it with chats and messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, webchat, bots, and more!

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Roger365 allows you to integrate your ERP or CRM, such as HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, TopDesk, Zoho. This increases customer engagement and optimizes your communication performance.

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