Hub for
your data

To handle the data flood, you need a smart platform. This allows you to connect, manage, and store data from various sources, greatly simplifying data analysis and processing, enabling you to make better decisions.

The Swiss Solution for outstanding HubSpot integrations

The ChiliDataHub® offers companies the opportunity to professionally tackle digital transformation and connect various business software systems through a standardized platform.


Simple and Reliable

With the HubSpot Growth Suite, you can manage customer interactions optimally from the initial contact through the sales process to the service case. The open and flexible API already allows integration with well over 3000 applications. However, local special solutions are not covered by this. That's why we developed the ChiliDataHub® developed as an integration platform in the service model (iPaaS solution). 

  • No own infrastructure necessary
  • No investment, only service fee
  • Various technologies such as REST, SOAP, CSV, XML possible
  • Hosted in Switzerland

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