Hunziker Partner - comprehensive intranet solution


Founded in 1932, the Winterthur-based family business Hunziker Partner AG offers planning, coordination and realisation of plumbing, heating, ventilation, cooling and electrical systems as well as measuring, control and regulation technology systems.


Hunziker Partner wants to provide its employees with a complete intranet platform. Employees should be able to access it at any time and from anywhere, even via smartphone on a construction site. The platform should contain functions that can be used on a daily basis. The following specific requirements were defined:

  • Mapping of the complete process system (HQM - Hunziker Quality Management)
  • Employees should be able to enter ideas online.
  • The Hunziker knowledge manual (oracle) should be completely digitalised.
  • The CAD plans are to be stored in a database and their validity checked easily.
  • Employees should be able to be informed quickly using a simple tool.


The entire solution was designed from the ground up to be easy to use on smartphones, tablets and desktops (responsive layout). The Kentico CMS was chosen as the technical basis. This allows the general content of the portal to be easily maintained. It also ensures that the rights and roles of individual users can be controlled. 

  • We programmed a module with which the processes can be easily mutated and linked to each other. Version control is also guaranteed.
  • Together with Hunziker, we designed and realised a web-based module. This allows every employee to enter ideas and justify them. These are then evaluated in a process and, if the review is successful, submitted for realisation.
  • We developed a universal document management system for the knowledge database (Knowledge Databasse). The individual contributions can consist of texts, images, attachments, tables and even videos.
  • Thanks to a full-text search with intelligent filters, information can be found quickly.
    We developed the plan module (called Identa) in close collaboration. Plans can be assigned to projects and phases. The validity of a plan and the versions are always visible. A QR code is automatically printed on each plan. The validity of the plan can be checked in a flash using a QR code scanner on a smartphone.
  • We have integrated an SMS tool. This is simple but very flexible. Individual employees, but also entire teams or even the whole company can be informed easily.
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Chrigel Hunziker

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hunziker Partner AG

We have known the founders of Chili Digital AG for almost 30 years and felt that they understood us right from the start. They installed the first intranet at Hunziker Partner AG back in the late nineties. Together we always managed to find good solutions that we were incredibly happy with because they always worked. If the IT partner doesn't understand what you're doing, then it won't work, or it won't work well. Chili Digital AG has always been a good partner and we trust them accordingly.