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Upgrade to the HubSpot platform and take off! HubSpot onboarding typically involves several steps, such as setting up your account, configuring your tools and settings, and learning the effective use of the platform.

HubSpot Onboarding - Getting Started

Welcome aboard!

We guide you step by step in integrating HubSpot into your business processes. Together, we develop a customized onboarding plan that helps you achieve your key goals in the shortest possible time.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your business goals and processes to ensure that HubSpot is perfectly tailored to your individual requirements. We show you how to get a clear overview of the platform, from lead generation through marketing to customer acquisition.

The structure of your onboarding plan depends, among other things, on the priorities and objectives you set for using HubSpot. Furthermore, the size and structure of your company, as well as the HubSpot products used, are crucial for success.

Our HubSpot onboarding takes between three and six months and includes the following phases:

  • Account & Technical Setup
  • Development of Inbound Marketing Gameplan
  • Implementation of Quick Wins
  • Implementation of the First Campaign
  • Knowledge Transfer to the Team

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