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Discovering new cultures, experiencing adventures in nature, enjoying sporting activities or simply relaxing - these are the core competencies of the tourism industry. Tourism is very important for everyone involved. At Chili Digital, we know what is important when it comes to vacations and travel.

Typical challenges in this Industry

The tourism industry is undergoing major change. The peculiarity is that several service providers are always working together to create an experience for the guest. This means that there are both B2B and B2C relationships to manage. Different systems make it impossible to have a holistic view of the guest and their behavior. With Chili Digital, tourism companies are breaking new ground.


Smart solutions

Marketing Automation

Nowadays, the ability to digitize and automate processes wherever possible is a central success factor for many tourism companies. Thanks to Chili Digital's marketing automation, companies benefit from higher productivity and a more aligned approach between marketing and sales.

Integrations with tourism systems

With the ChiliDataHub®, your company effortlessly achieves digital transformation by integrating various tourism systems into an ecosystem. Various integrations, such as Feratel, Alturos Destinations, EMMA Braze, JAMES Braze, eGuma, or Triss 2000, are already running productively. However, this is by no means everything.

HubSpot CRM Platform

Tourism thrives on emotions and spontaneity. You rely on the ability to implement campaigns quickly and easily. With the HubSpot CRM platform, you have an intuitive CRM and the entire toolbox to conduct modern marketing across all relevant channels.

Open Data Website

As a destination or travel provider, you rely on accurate and attractive data from your service providers. It's better if the providers maintain their data themselves. Chili Digital helps you access the data and present it in a modern, responsive website.