Changing the world
through innovation

The technology industry focuses on the manufacturing and sale of technology products. It is characterized by being very innovative and dynamic. Today's rapid changes are marked by disruptive technologies. At Chili Digital, we consistently deliver projects for clients in this industry.

Typical challenges in this Industry

Successful technology companies often grow so rapidly that internal resources are stretched thin. While your team is top-notch, they may not have the time to expand their skills—especially when it comes to digital strategies for technology marketing.


Smart solutions

Social Selling

Complementing our Account-Based Marketing, we offer Social Selling. Social networks are perfect for building sustainable and personal customer relationships worldwide. Social Selling directly aligns with the Inbound methodology and is the perfect solution for immediate sales success.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

As external partners, our expertise is diverse and agile. For technology companies, we rely on our proven Account-Based Marketing approach. Especially for companies with large clients, this is a very lucrative opportunity.

Inbound Marketing

Through Inbound Marketing, we create successful concepts for higher quality customer acquisition. In combination with Account-Based Marketing and Social Selling, we can quickly and efficiently open up new markets and customer segments for you.