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The manufacturing industry focuses on the production of physical goods, which are sold either directly to consumers or to other businesses. These goods span various sectors, including automotive, chemical, electrical, food, textile, and metal processing industries. We understand the needs of the manufacturing industry.

Typical challenges in this Industry

Typical industry challenges include the decreasing effectiveness of cold calling—most business professionals don't answer the phone, and even if they do, they might not be looking to make a purchase at that moment. It's time for industrial companies to explore new approaches.


Smart solutions

Inbound Marketing

Convert cold calling directly into pre-qualified conversations! Industrial companies benefit from inbound marketing that establishes brands as thought leaders in their field and helps sales teams sell to decision-makers.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps sales teams reach potential customers where they are online at the time of their purchase intent. This automatically generates leads - even while you sleep!

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

With Account Based Marketing, you focus your resources on a target audience defined by you within a market. Personalized campaigns activate these target groups. This is particularly beneficial for companies with key accounts.

LinkedIn Social Selling

Social media have the potential to achieve significant brand visibility. However, in B2B, you often want to win specific companies as customers and primarily connect with relevant decision-makers. With LinkedIn, we do exactly that. We precisely select the individuals who are relevant to your company, connect with them, and initiate the relationship by developing relevant content.