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The construction industry comprises various sectors such as structural and civil engineering, architecture and civil engineering, building materials manufacturing, construction machinery and equipment manufacturing as well as various ancillary construction trades. Digitalization has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry. That's why intelligent tools are needed – and that's where Chili Digital comes in.

Success Stories

Typical challenges in the industry

Various players play an important role around a construction project. Mapping this network in a CRM and maintaining an overview of the various sales phases is a major challenge for many companies. Chili Digital has some solutions ready for you.


Smart solutions

Building Object Marketing

You constantly receive the latest construction projects advertised via a service and want to process them efficiently. What you need is an intuitive CRM platform that automates processes and assigns interesting leads to the sales force. With our integrated solution, you can master the acquisition of construction projects in no time at all.

Device and Tool Management

You have invested a lot of money in your equipment. The deployment plans are constantly changing and the logistics for all the tools are very complex. In construction, everything has to be flexible - including your logistics. Our clever solution for your equipment management saves you time and stress.

BIM - Optimize Processes

Are you ISO-certified? Then you know what it means to maintain these processes. And to optimize them. Keeping your employees fully and constantly informed. An ISO certification is only as good as the distribution of the processes. Our application solves this problem for you.

Managing Ideas, Knowledge and Expertise

The knowledge in your business is constantly growing. Every project brings new ideas. Every implementation sharpens your eye for the essentials. Good suggestions are made on the spot. Employees learn something new every day. This knowledge must be available to everyone at all times. Would you like to use this valuable know-how more efficiently? No problem with our knowledge database.